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    The new WEEE Directive on electric and electronic waste: what will change from 15th August 2018?
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    The 10 big lighting trends for 2018
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    From Sicam new ideas for a trendy lighting
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    LED lighting is without doubt safe

Thinner than thinner, this is not OLED

LED devices based on LGP technology

DOMUS Line has designed and manufactured LED lighting devices for fixtures and fittings since 2004. For several years, major resources have been at the core of development, not only of the best LED sources, but also of the best performing light diffusion systems. LGP (Light Guide Plate) packages are one of the technologies at the centre of our most advanced projects, which have enabled us to develop luminaires with an even, efficient and light-weight beam projection.

The lighting market has, in recent years, been focusing increasingly on OLED panels as they are very thin, with low glare and limited energy consumption. Some players have invested large amounts in the research and development of OLED panels, placing them at the centre of their next generation of light fittings. Currently, however, OLED lighting still has huge limits, extremely high costs, a low colour consistency and performance below the best LED solutions available on the market at a low cost. DOMUS Line has therefore developed Flat Panel collections, such as TITAN and K-PAD, integrating high colour yield lighting sources (CRI 90-95) and LGP diffuser packages.

The key aspects of LGP panels

An LGP (Light Guide Plate) package is a specific light guide made of high-purity polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) resin on the lower surface of which a special matrix is printed. By positioning the light source on the edges of the guide, the radial light projection is distributed evenly over the upper surface of the panel, achieving a uniform lighting effect, with no shadows or the typical spotlight effect of light diodes.

The LGP package designed by DOMUS Line optimises the uniformity of light distribution on extremely thin luminaires, each of which incorporates an effective combination between LED clusters and light diffuser types. The thickness of the light guide, the type of matrix printed, the number of LEDs and their performance are features accurately designed according to the type of luminaire and its use.

With its new LGP panels, DOMUS Line offers its customers solutions consistent with market expectations, at low costs, with high colour and lighting performance, while maintaining the size of the luminaires within the limits reached by OLED panels.

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Despite the recent development of colour performance and increased life expectancy, high cost remains a problem that limits OLED technology to niche uses. The main feature of OLED technology that stimulates the lighting sector is the uniform and glare-free...